The roof is an essential part of your house. The overall appearance and integrity of the home depend a lot on it. If there is any damage to the roof, it requires immediate attention. If neglected, it can lead to costly repairs. In the worst scenario, you may have to replace the roof.

When you search for a good-quality roof repair service in Adelaide, the cost of repairs is the most crucial criterion. You should never hire a service provider, which is costing extravagantly. How much is the average cost of roof repair in Adelaide? The blog answers the question. Cost of roof repair depends on many aspects. What is the extent of the damage? What type of roof is it? How much complex is it to repair it?

Average roof repair cost

The roofing repair price is calculated per square meter. Therefore, you must get an estimate from the roofing contractor before starting the work. As said earlier, the cost of repairs largely depends on the material. Concrete tiles are the cheapest amongst all. Steel roofing is moderately priced, and the clay or stone roof is the costliest.

There are two aspects of any roof repair or restoration work- material cost and installation cost. Both of them vary widely. The company you hire may charge more for installation because it hires expert engineers. Roughly you are supposed to pay somewhere between 80$ to 110$ per meter square. You may get negotiated price of 70$ for metal roofing, but concrete and tile roofs cost more than it.

When you pay the cost, make sure there are no hidden charges. For that, you must read every bit of the proposal.

Average price range

Here is a list that gives you an idea of each type of roof and its approximate price:

Ø  Sarking- 7$ to 12$ for a square meter.

Ø  Concrete tile roof- 30$ to 70$ for a square meter

Ø  Steel roof- 50$ to 75$ for a square meter

Ø  Terracotta tile roof- 80$ to 120$ for a square meter

Ø  Slate tile roof- 200$ to 500$ for a square meter

As mentioned earlier, cost varies depending on the complexity and size of the roof. Also, there is a seasonal variation in the repairing price. Before hiring roofing contractors in Adelaide, you must seek the costing from a few companies. Check their proposals and make a comparative chart. Your decision should be based on research and analysis.

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