Excellent Ideas For Small Apartment Storage

Living in a spacious apartment is everyone’s dream, but it is not possible to fulfill it in big cities. Every square inch is precious, and one has to spend exorbitantly to have a large apartment.

However, interior designers think that the more critical aspect is space management.

A well-managed small apartment of two rooms may offer more “usable space” than a mismanaged two-bedroom apartment.

Want to know about five amazing ideas that can bring an astonishing increase in the storage solutions space? Here are they.

#1 Use the height as much as you can

The “vertical space” as they call it; is the secret of maximizing space in a small apartment. If you look around carefully, then you will find a lot of unused vertical space in the house.

The more you use it, the more open space you will have on the floor. How to achieve it?

  • Shelves above the door trim.
  • An extra shelf in the closet.
  • Lofted storage space if the ceiling is high.

#2 Make use of the room divider to incorporate storage

If you have a room divider, then you must use it for creating space. Though you lose some floor space by installing dividers, but you get a lot of vertical space also.

Therefore, there is a net gain of space. You can line up metal clothing racks or build plant stand in the vertical space.

#3 Buy furniture with concealed storage space

You need a furniture in the apartment, whether it is big or small.  For a small apartment, buying oversized furniture is not a good idea. You must purchase proportionate furniture that has storage space inside.

  • An ottoman with storage space.
  • A bed on risers and rolling tote below.
  • An island as a work desk.
  • TV stand with concealed storage space below.

#4 Have an organized storage space

Even if you have concealed storage space, it is essential to manage it well.

Keep things organized and arranged well. Keep the desks and drawers clean. Recycle papers regularly.

#5 Entryway is equally important

Though the entryway in a small apartment is not large, you can use it wisely to make use of the space as much as possible.

You can put some cubbies or hooks to keep the things in an organized manner.

These smart and workable ideas will create a lot of usable space in your small apartment.

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